MKN - 6 Grid Gas Combi oven with Magic Pilot

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MKN - 6 Grid Gas Combi oven with Magic Pilot (Programmable Operating System) 

The new combi steamer MKN with 6x 1 / 1GN capacity and operating comfort Magic Pilot: robust actuator with simple Touch and Swipe movement! 
EQS stands for 65 years for compelling professional catering technology in the top premium segment. The cook is always central, creating technologies developed with great ease. Experience the Magic Flexi Combi Pilot.
Equipment / description:
Flexi Rack 530x570 mm .: 6 x Flexi Rack
Gastronorm, 65 mm deep: 6 x GN 1/1
Meals per day:
30-80 (1/1 CN)
30-150 (Flexi Rack)
Standard equipment:
• Easy Load - width slide-in
• Magic Pilot 
• Auto Chef 
• Manual cooking
• Quality Control
• Perfect Hold (quality assurance to the issue)
• Step Matic
• ClimaSelect plus
• Ready2Cook
• Rack Control 2
• Time2Serve (ensures that different products are ready at the same time)
• SES - Steam Exhaust System (prevents steam emissions at the opening of the door)
• Clean Wave cleaning new generation
• Video Assist (the manual as videaclip, 365 days a year at any time)
• FamilyMix (tells you, what can be cooked together in a production environment for optimal utilization oven space)
• Flexi Rack capacity concept
• Combi Doctor (self-diagnostic program: Simply by Touch know what's going on) 
• Green Inside
• Hand Shower
• Barcode scan function (no scanner)
• Chef Help
• V4A Longlife Hygiene cooking chamber
• PHI eco Dynasteam 2
• Integrated heat exchanger
• Oven door with 3-fold insulating glazing
Safe and comfortable handling:
The width slide-have always firmly even the most heavily laden containers or cans. Without to address, not strain your back and you've got an excellent overview.
Operating Comfort
Brilliant view from every angle. The operating concept Magic Pilot is very enjoyable: as a Smartphone or Tablet allows himself the robust control unit with a simple touch - Swipe and motion control direct, intuitive and precise.
Magic Pilot create your own recipes, preparing and storing. The 12 manual cooking programs, the only one to say, YOU! All cooking programs allow themselves to fully adjust to your needs by Touch and Slide and easily save in Auto Chief constant reproducibility.
Fast and safe: 
The automatic control program allows you to cook professionally with just a few touches. With 10 different categories of preparation are constant-boiling and excellent continuous reproducible results. Cooking Processes are already preprogrammed. Total, over 350 memory channels with up to 20 steps at your disposal.
More capacity - easily done with Flexi Rack.
The smart oven room concept utilizes the entire oven space. Your advantage: an extra capacitance and thus higher productivity. This means faster throughput / production time and in professional kitchens. This not only saves time but also valuable energy.
Intergrated info steps (eg, herbal Now "or filling with distance ') for process and quality control
Automatic recognition of the amounts - automatic constant quality. It's magic: Flexi Combi recognizes itself the loading volume and activates automatically Quality Control. The respective production parameters are adjusted in the Auto Chef program and ensure consistent quality. Without core temperature.
Green Inside:
energy Concept
• Oven door with 3-fold insulating glazing
• Heat exchanger
• New engine technology reduces connection values ​​*
Usage Indication (energy and water) is displayed after the end of each cooking process.
ATime the right climate in the oven. Individually controllable: ClimaSelect ensures moisture-and temperature measurement in the oven. The humidity makes it is product-specific setting by 25 percent increments. Result: Reliable quality dish.
Automatic Cleaning: with two-in-one capsule. Wave Clean (standard) allows for the automatic cleaning and works tremendously efficient, hygienic and safe: With only one sealed two-in-one capsule for cleaner and rinse everything into the smallest corners automatically shining cleaning with only about 35 liters of water. (Model 6 and 10). This is the water consumption by 36% 
MKN Premium Quality, your advantage:
The Flexi Combi allows you to optimize your daily professional cooking processes:
• V4A Long Life-hygiene oven space
• Integral heat exchanger
• Oven door with 3-fold insulating glazing (optional)
DynaSteam2 - Quality at low water:
Inspiring: The required steam flow rate is automatically adjusted to produce the amount of product. Not too much and not too little. It accelerated the production process and ensures top quality cuisine, with a possible simultaneous less energy.
  • MagicPilot - Operation
  • VideoAssist
  • PHIeco with DynaSteam2
  • Dimensions: 1020mm (w) 799mm (d) 790mm (h) .
  • 24 Months Warranty
  • Free Delivery
  • 6 x 1 GN Capacity
  • Voltage:230

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