Bradley Smoke Bisquettes

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Natural hardwoods and fruit woods sawdust compressed to the precise consistency required for use in Bradley Smokers.

Alder. 48 pack.

  • Rich and distinctive flavour commonly used with seafood, ham and bacon.
  • Wood is carefully processed so smoke is clean & free of contaminents.
  • The smoker burns one bisquette every 20 minutes. As each one is burnt it is moved from the burning area into a bowl of water, allowing a new bisquette to move into its place.
  • Pure wood, no artificial flavour added.
  • Organically certified.
  • Less than £1 per hour smoking cost.
  • One pack gives 16 hours of smoking.
  • Bound together with 0.02% collagen.
  • Box quantity 1
  • Supplier Model Number BTAL48
  • Weight 0.95kg


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