Transport and Storage Dolly for Trays and Pans

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Transport and store with FWE's super heavy-duty transport dolly. These rugged dollies are built incredibly tough.

FWE's D-UPT-1218 is designed to last longer than any other - period. Welded construction and our exclusive tubular stainless steel base frame ensure that our transport cabinets will endure the most rigorous operations and environments. 

The D-UPT-1218 can be used to store or transport 12x20 pans, 18x26 trays or GN Pans. With uniquely designed uprights keep pans and trays in place during transport. This is a great solution for transport and storage of trays. The dollies nest together compactly.

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So when you need a transport cart that performs year after year, day in and day out

Solid Construction
Heavy Duty Casters
Easy maneuverability
Corner bumpers


48" High (1219mm)
36.5" Deep (927mm)
24" Wide (610mm)


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