RATIONAL CombiMaster Plus XS

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RATIONAL CombiMaster Plus XS

It doesn't get any easier: With the new automatic cleaning function, the CombiMaster® Plus XS is ready to use again very quickly. It virtually cleans itself, overnight too if required.

You just have to choose the necessary cleaning stage, insert the tabs displayed, done. This gives you a hygienically clean and optimally maintained unit at all times.


Simply Clean - Automatic Cleaning, It doesn't get any easier; with the new automatic cleaning function, the CombiMaster Plus XS is ready to use again very quickly. Virtualy cleaning itself, also does this overnight too if required. 

Occupying a small footprint the CombiMaster® Plus XS is W655 X D555 X H567mm enabling it to fit into even the smallest kitchen. With clever installation solutions this also makes it suitable for front of house cooking areas and as a station unit in restaurants. 

LED Lighting - New and innovative LED lighting ensures optimum illumination of both the cooking cabinet and each individual rack, from top to bottom, back to front. 

Triple Glass door - The triple glazed door with "state of the art" heat reflection coating ensures minimum heat loss. 

ClimaPlus® - The measuring and control centre automatically maintains the cooking cabinet climate that you set. This combines with the most effective dehumidification technology so that you achieve crispy crusts, crunchy breading and maximum succulence. 

Steam Generator - The generator with new steam regulator constantly delivers 100% hygenic fresh steam for optimum food quality. Maximum steam saturation, even in the low temperature rage, prevents the food sticking or drying out. 

Centrifugal grease separator system - Patented system for ensuring cooking cabinet air stays clean at all times, with no need to replace or clean grease filters. A pure taste experience.

New Flow Technology - The dynamic air circulation and the special cooking cabinet shape ensure the heat is distributed evenly acctoss the entire cooking cabinet. This is essential to ensure a high level of uniformity, even with full loads.

Number of meals per day - 20-80

Capacity - 6x 2/3GN 

Lengthwise loading - ½, 2/3, 1/3, 2/8GN .

2 Years Parts and Labour Warranty!

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