Movilfrit BR50 Charcoal oven

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Movilfrit BR50 Charcoal oven 

BR50 Charcoal Oven is an outstanding item from the Blaze range. Ideal for any kitchen this floor standing charcoal oven will give your steaks, chicken, fish, and vegetables etc. that authentic charcoal flavor. Suitable for any type of charcoal.
The BR50 Charcoal Oven is an exceptional piece of professional equipment as it comes with meat tongs, poker and one ribbed grate and one standard grate both in stainless steel. The charcoal oven has a cast steel interior which is fully insulated to prevent heat loss and save energy. The Neoceram glass door which is resistant to up to 750 degrees is not only lightweight but extremely robust. The door also has superb visibility to control the cooking chamber without having to open the door. Other features of the blaze charcoal oven include an ash drawer at the bottom and it has a fat collector at the front meaning you can keep your Blaze charcoal oven spotlessly clean. So as you can see the Blaze charcoal oven is a must for any kitchen wishing to serve authentic cuisine..
Unique brazier oven designed for cookingover a wood fire for authentic, tasty andinventive cuisine with grilling flavor
- Double insulation prevents heat lossRobust and lightweight door fitted withNeoceram glass resistant up to 750º C
- Allows control of the cooking chamberwithout need of opening the door
- With elevation system of the charcoalplatform, which permits the control of theintensity of cooking
- Suitable for any type of charcoal Front ash drawer for easy cleaning
- Removable grease drawerHomologation certificates CE


  • Cast iron steel interior
  • Fully insulated to save energy and prevent heat loss
  • Robust and lightweight door fitted with Neoceram glass resistant up to 750º C
  • Designed with excellent visibility to control cooking chamber without need of opening the door
  • Suitable for any type of charcoal
  • We recommend our coconut shell charcoal for its high performance and long lasting
  • Front ash drawer for easy cleaning
  • Removable front grease drawer
  • Built-in fire breaker inside the oven
  • Fitted with thermometer
  • Smoke outlet of 15 cm diameter
  • Adjustable non skid feet
  • Supplied with 1 standard grate and 1 ribbed grate (both in stainless steel), meat tongs and poker

Technical Details


Charcoal Barbecues

BRAND Movilfrit CE 230
NAME BR50 Charcoal Oven
WARRANTY 1 Year Parts & Labour Warranty
CASE MATERIAL stainless steel

External Size

UNIT Height Width Depth
MM 900 900 790
CM 90 90 79
INCHES (APPROX) 35 35 31


Diners* 150
Fire up time* 30 min
Charcoal daily consumption* 16 a 20 Kg
Performance* 9 h
Recommended minimum load* 4 Kg
Production* 125 Kg/h
Cooking temperature 250º C a 350º C
Power equivalence 5,5 kW
Exhaust rate 3200 m3/h
Elevation System Yes
Smoke outlet vent Ø 15 cm
Standard grate dimensions 775x545 mm
Ribbed grate dimensions 680x545 mm
Oven dimensions 900x790x1800 mm
Packaging dimensions 1080x1000x2000 mm
Net weight 416 kg

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