Air Hand Dryer AK2630T-1

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Air Hand Dryer  AK2630T-1

Applications: Gym, Hotel, Infant school (key stage 1), Medium use (101 to 300 uses per day), Museum, Nursery School, Office, Primary school (Key stage 2)

The AK263OT-1  hand dryer is our new and updated version of the original DryForce, bringing with it a new contemporary design, even faster drying and improved energy efficiency.  It is a great all round hand drying solution.  It is a high speed, low energy hand dryer that utilises advanced blade technology, air filtration and a water catchment system that prevents floors and walls from becoming wet.  This unit has an intelligent heating system that adds heat to the airflow if the temperature of the room falls below 25C.  The noise level is also very reasonable.

  • Compact blade style unit - water tray prevents wet floors
  • Quiet yet fast drying performance - only 72.7 dB(A)
  • Energy efficient - uses as little as 2.9 watts per dry at full speed without heat, only costing around 35p per 1000 dries.
  • 19 second dry time (in house tested)
  • Intelligent heating system keeps energy costs to a minimum – automatically adds heat to the airflow if the sensor detects the washroom is below 25C, therefore aiding drying efficiency and comfort on the hands in cold environments. Keeps the heat away if it is not needed.
  • High speed “blade” style airflow scrapes moisture off the hands
  • Comes with a filter protected motor to preserve smooth operation
  • Comes with a 2 year guarantee as standard
  • Compact unit, takes up very limited wall space - H470 × W250mm × D165mm .
  • CE approved
  • Available in a silver or white finish .
  • IPX1
  • Electrical Supply Voltage 220-240 Volts
    Electrical Supply Frequency 50/60 Hz
    Standby Power Consumption <2 Watts
    Performance Expected Motor Life 900 Hours
    Dry Time (max setting) 19 Seconds
    Dry Time Notes In House testing dry time
    Universal Brush Motor  
    Motor Speed (max setting) 20000 RPM
    Air Speed (max setting) 235 MPH
    Air Volume (max setting) 66.74 CFM
    Operating Temperature Range at ambient temp (68°F) - 113 °F
    Operating Temperature Range at ambient temp (20°C) - 40 °C
    Heater Element Power 800 Watts
    Motor Cutoff Time 60 Seconds
    Motor Class Class 2
    Rated Power Rated Power (max settings) 1350 Watts
    Rated Power (min settings) 550 Watts
    Rated Power Notes Intelligent heating system regulates amount of power used per cycle
    Energy Per Dry (max setting) 7.13 Watts
    Energy Per Dry (min setting) 2.9 Watts
    Energy Per Dry Notes Intelligent heating system regulates amount of energy used per dry
    Noise Operating Sound Level (max setting) 73 (manufacturer stated) dB
    Sound Level Notes As yet not independently tested to verify dB
    Sensor Sensor type IR
    Guarantee 2 Years  
    Construction Materials ABS
    Net Weight 4.4 kg
    Packed Weight 5 kg
    Finishes White ABS  
    Grey / Silver ABS  
    Electrical & Safety IP rating IPX1
    Dimensions Product Height 470 mm
    Product Width 250 mm
    Product Depth 165 mm
    Packaging Height 625 mm
    Packaging Width 520 mm
    Packaging Depth 447 mm
    Mounting Instructions Men 1170 mm
    Women 1120 mm
    Children 4-7 Years 810 mm
    Children 7-10 Years 910 mm
    Children 10-13 Years 1020 mm
    Children 13-17 Years 1120 mm
    Disabled 940 mm
    Certification CE  

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