AFM-45 Magma Continuous Filtration Fryer

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AFM-45 Magma Continuous Filtration Fryer

Fried food is a tradition of the most renowned restaurants in America. Returning customers and recurring revenue depends on high quality, consistent cooking results from your fryer. American Range announces a breakthrough in continuous ? ltration of cooking oil at frying temperatures – the Filtration Fryer System. Extending oil life and improving food taste one switch is used to operate the fi ltration system in either continuous or auto-cycle mode, using a solid state timer.

As a guideline to operate the unit, when it’s time to change the oil – it’s time to change the disposable fi lter! The entire tank of cooking oil is circulated every two minutes through a 5 micron filterwhich removes impurities in the food. The American Range Magma Filtration Fryer System – bringing peace of mind, performance and profi t to your frying experience! The Filtration Fryer System brings great tasting food to your customers, while cooking faster with longer lasting oil and best of all saving you operation costs equaling more profits.
  • "Stainless steel filter housing is rugged NSF approved construction.
  • 5 micron filter (40 millionths of an inch) provides best flavor and filtration characteristics .
  • Four Stainless steel oil flow tubes direct clean oil into fryer baskets .
  • “Fryer door open" interlock shuts off pump when door is open .
  • Continuous duty circulating pump creates one tank oil turn-around every 2 minutes .
  • The operating cost for the low electrical power pump motor is $0.09 per 8 hour shift .
  • High speed pumping system is designed for continuous operation or auto-cycling control, at operator’s discretion ..
  • Interlocked filter housing retaining ring assures filter housing is properly installed for safe operation.
  • Stainless steel pre-strainer increases pump and filter performance .
  • 400oF continuous rating high performance.
  • 10" standard and 20" long filter housings available for daily economy or heavy traffic weekends"
  • Manufacturer: American Range
  • Width (in): 19 1/2"
  • Depth(in): 34 1/4"
  • Height(in): 45 3/4"
  • BTU: 1,60,000
  • Burners: 4
  • Model #: AFM-45

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