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Mussana Cream machines
Mussana Boy  Mobil 
Mussana's 4-litre Mobil Cream Machine can whip up to 90 litres of cream per hour and is simple and easy to use.

The Mobil Cream Machine features a fully insulated intensive cooling system to ensure the cream remains chilled throughout the whipping process.

Each Mobil Cream Machine can hold up to 4 litres of cream and are manufactured in hygienic stainless steel.

Due to the small size, this cream machine is particularly well suited for ice cream and mobile sales systems. The small footprint of the device allows it to be used even in the smallest possible space with the same high product quality. Due to the low energy consumption and a connection capacity of only 12V, this cream machine is ideally equipped for mobile use, eg for events or events of all kinds.

Can whip up to 90 litres of cream per hour .

The term "bag-in-box" covers the direct connection of the cream bag to the pump of the cream machines. 
The company Debic provides the only manufacturer in the field of dairy products 2 connection systems, one for the 1.75 L bag (Perfo system) For all smaller cream machines, secondly for the 5l bag-in-box cream bag for all larger cream machines. In the Mussana 5l cream puffs from the model 4-liter Boy can be used. Advantages of the system:

Protection of the cream against contamination in the closed system
Uncomplicated storage of the cream bag in the machine
No transfer losses
No permanent installation of the system

The system can be removed at any time

— Standard portioning system using sensors - fully adjustable

— Fully insulated intensive cooling system

— Small footprint which fits in most environments

— Quick and simple to use

— Fully electronic temperature contol

 Easy to clean with flush filling

— Holds up to 5 litres of cream

— Features double mixing rollers for increased productivity

— DIN-tested according to DIN 10507 (Food Hygiene)

— Includes detachable V2A standard stainless steel container

liter 4l
width 270 mm
height 440 mm
depth 470 mm
weight 42 kg
Connections At least 12 V / 88 Ah
dispensing points 1
with intensive cooling

Specifications MobilHeight (mm)440Depth (mm)470Width (mm)270Weight (kg)42Capacity (litre)4ElectricsPower SupplyMinimum 12v/88 Ah

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