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Zumoval - Big Basic Juicer w/Automatic Shower & Automatic Inductive Proximity Sensor 


Citrus electric hand feed, is equipped with a safety system to prevent overheating or overfilling of the machine.Performance - 28sht / min. Caliber - 60-80mm. Capacity of the waste container from 20kg citrus. During the operating cycle does not peel squeezed and separated from the pulp thus obtained juice tasty and rich in vitamins. Juicer is made ​​of durable materials for long-term operation. The design provides for quick and easy cleaning of the machine.Model Big Basic (citrus and pomegranates) .

Zumoval juicers are the strongest on the market with heavy duty motors and gears manufactured from stainless steel.

Our equipment is the fastest on the market (uo to 200 litres per hour).

More hygienic juicers with our uniqueSelf cleaning shower system and fully isolated juicing area avoiding any ingress of exterior elements (dirt, insects, etc.)

Self service On/Off tap available on all models. The easy-to-use automatic tap is connected directly to the motor of the machine. Open the tap and the machine starts running. Close the tap and the machine stops.

Motorforce group: Motor reducer 0,75 CV .
Consumption: 4,1 / 3,7 A (230V) / 9 / 8,6 A (110)
Electrical protection: Overloading and temperature
Security: Automatic inductive proximty sensor
Output: 28 Units / minute
Fruit diameter: 75-95 mm.
Capacity of peel bucket: 20 Kg of fruits
Capacity of feeder: 5 Units
Instalation: Table top
Width: 43 m
Weight: 46,5 Kg


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