Strata Grill Rectangular includes Grill Top ST11702011

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Samuel Groves

Grill Rectangular Kit includes Grill Top

Present and replenish smaller, fresher portions in a heartbeat…even delicate sauces and cream soups, using warmer trays and their solid center grates. Canned fuel is easily accessed via our safety drawer.
The sound, aroma and irresistible appeal of vegetables, tacos, sliders and a host of enticing hors d’oeuvres sizzling on your Strata grill, provide an exciting alternative to food pans. Aluminium bonded to a brushed stainless steel grill top spreads and holds heat. Use canned fuel or two electric heat elements.... drawing only 4 amps each. Stainless steel drip cup that snaps into canned fuel drawer is included.
L x W x H (In)ST11702011 K Base Unit 23½ x 15½ x 2  Top 24½ x 16½ x 5¼

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