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Manual citrus reamers such as the Sunkist produce an excellent yield as it is the user that controls the orange, rather than an automated machine part. Taste is also superb as the orange skin remains intact preventing peel oil imparting a bitterness to the drink. The Sunkist is an excellent choice for juice bar use when the expense of a fully automatic machine is not appropriate.

The Sunkist is a well-built commercial juicer that endures extended daily usage. It features a metal oscillating strainer to better separate the juice from the pulp so you get more juice from each piece of citrus. An operator can easily extract between 10-12 gallons of juice per hour using pre-cut fruit.


It comes with three reaming cones with metal inserts (one each for lemon/lime, orange and grapefruit). The juicer weighs a hefty 31 pounds so it won't walk across the counter during use. It has a quiet yet heavy-duty motor for years of dependable, trouble-free operation, and is housed in gleaming, chrome-plated steel. Dome, spout and bowl support are made of a strong corrosion-proof white plastic. All removable parts can be sanitized in the dishwasher for a quick and easy cleanup.



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