Rotor Teddy T5

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Due to their compact size and their weight 5ltr machine is ideal for small businesses, mobile and flexible. The comprehensive equipment allows many applications such as cutting, chopping, kneading, mashing, beating. The smallest planetary mixers in the program, the rotor Teddy T5 with 5 liter boiler. Very easy to use and clean .

The Bear Teddy 5L table top mixer is the smallest Bear Varimixer and is an exceptionally useful table machine for daily production in bakeries, patisseries, kitchens and laboratories. 

Teddy comes with a fixed stainless steel safety guard, bowl, dough hook, whip and beater as well as a feeder tray and plastic lid for the bowl.

Top Features


  • TImer
  • Emergency stop
  • Removeable safety grid
  • Dimensions: 
    Height open: 550mm
    Height closed: 400mm 
    Width: 222mm 
    Depth: 462mm 
    Weight: Mixer & Bowl: 18 kg
    Power: Single phase; 230 V; 2.5A
    Egg white: 16 pcs
    Bread dough (50%): 2,5 Kg
    Flaky paste: 2 Kg
    Pouring: 5 l
    Sponge cake: 3 kg
    Minced meat: 4 kg


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