Minitronic DUO 2 x 6 liters (Variant 1)

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Minitronic DUO 2 x 6 liters  (Variant 1)

Unique in the world in the usual top quality .

yet thoughtful never forget: The first round cream machine with two taps and standard portioning and automatic cleaning system. The round design ensures uncomplicated and user-friendly handling of both taps - a mutual hindrance is virtually impossible. The highlight: Both taps can be independently controlled via their own operator panel with keyboard for four portions and automatic cleaning. Not least impressive of the round redesign itself with its beautiful design and the minimum space requirement - a visual enhancement for each gastronomy. Latest technology in proven quality

  • Perfect for hygiene and operation
  • Adjustable individually by means of sensor keys with standard automatic portioning
  • Intensive cooling of the impact system
  • Maximum possible volume through MUSSANA double mixing roller made of V2A stainless steel
  • Hour power per taps up to 90 liters of raw cream
  • With standard automatic cleaning
  • Fully electronic temperature control
  • Easy cleaning and disinfection in the rinsing process with hot water (50 ° to 80 ° C)
  • Extremely energy-saving
  • Removable stainless steel container as standard
  • The term "bag-in-box" covers the direct connection of the cream bag to the pump of the cream machines. 
    The company Debic provides the only manufacturer in the field of dairy products 2 connection systems, one for the 1.75 L bag (Perfo system) For all smaller cream machines, secondly for the 5l bag-in-box cream bag for all larger cream machines. In Mussana the 5l cream puffs from the model 4-liter Boy can be used. 

    Benefits of the system are: 
    · protective cream against pollution caused by closed 
    · Easy storage of cream bag in the machine 
    · No Umfüllverluste 
    · No Permanent Installation of the system, 
      it may at any time removed
Control panels to the right of each distributor valve.
Two distributors taps, two services, two areas - thanks to the positioning in the extremely practical angle - used by two people simultaneously
Diameter: 430 mm .
Height: 550 mm
Weight: 60 Kg
Power supply: 230V / 50HZ 

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