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COMPACT COMBINATION OVEN MYCHEF 4 GN 1/1 DISTFORMExcellent cooking, with maximum efficiency and precision in minimum space.

The MyChef ovens have no limits. You can make any kind of cooking: grilling, steaming, frying, grilling, baking, regenerar..y also are the only thanks to the TSC patent cooking at low temperatures with a precision unmatched cooking: + -2 
. All these applications now much more efficiently and in half the space occupied by a conventional oven 
Capacity: Between 35 and 50 meals. 
Cooking at 30 ° C to 260 ° C convection 
cooking mode steam at 130 30 
Mixed mode Cooking 30 to 260 
. 3 preset programs of regeneration 
Dry Out: Roasted Crispy perfect and 
Smart Climate: Juiciness in fish and roasts: a must for fish, large roasts, reducing losses up to 40% compared to traditional cooking. 
Multipoint probe: corrects and automatically calibrates the temperature to obtain an excellent result. 
Sous-vide probe, temperature controlled heart probe of 1 mm diameter is ideal for vacuum cooking or delicate foods and small size. This technology combinadacon the TSC patent MyChef make more accurate oven for cooking at low temperatures. 
Delta T: Thanks to a constant temperature differential between the heart of food and cooking cámaa obtain a completely homogeneous cooking. Especially for cooked ham, roast beef .... 
Fan speeds combined with Smart wind for a perfect cooking of delicate products such as cakes, pastries dehydration .. 
Multilevel. simultaneously cook foods with different cooking times with visual and audible warning 
Phases Cooking: Programming step in consecutive phases. For example, slowly cook the product to keep its juiciness with Smart Climate and then automatically brown it quickly with Dry Out. 
Stop the fan by opening the door 
Camera illumination 
Memorize 100 programs with 5 cooking steps each. 
Cooling System ultra fast 
ultra fast preheating system 
to cycle Control. by time, probe, continuous 
. double folding glass door for high temperature and easy to clean 
intuitive Panel 
External measurements: 520x799x575 mm 
Capacity: 4 GN 1/1 
Distance between guides: 60 mm 
Single phase 230V / N / 50Hz: 3.1 kW Power 
Three-phase 400V / N / 50Hz: 5.7 kW Power .
. Self-Cleaning 
TSC Control for cooking at low temperatures 
USB port for HACCP data logging and loading / unloading cooking programs. 
Open the door on the left
Automatic oven cleaning

Thanks to the three different cleaning programmes, any type of dirtiness will be automatically eliminated. Forget about this tiresome chore at the end of a service; the oven will automatically turn itself off after cleaning.

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