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LightFry is an oven that prepares French Fries using steam and hot air instead of fryer oil.

The preparation takes place in two phases. First, a steam phase that thoroughly cooks the product. That is followed by a crisping phase, in which a stream of hot, dry air gives our french fries a crispy surface. It all takes place in a rotating drum in a sealed space, so only minimal supervision is required. No need for you to waste electricity to keep the frying oil hot. There is also a special 45-second program for reheating preprocessed french fries.



• Healthy french fries with 40–60% lower fat content. • Opportunities for more, such as french fries and finger food are products with high

margins. Many dining establishments that have chosen not to buy a deep fat fryer for various reasons, can use Lightfry instead.


• No oil means major cost savings, both for purchasing and oil disposal. • Approx. 50% lower energy consumption. • Less ventilation cleaning. • Less cleaning, as the grease vapour disappears. • Integrated cleaning. Always a clean oven for the next day. • Reheating of cooled french fries is possible and the results favourable. • Lower investment expense. Ventilation, kitchen extract ducts, grease separators and

perhaps, sprinklers.


• Better kitchen work environment. Avoids grease vapour, aspiration of grease vapour, burn injuries and risk of slipping.

• Lower risk of fire. Many restaurant fires start in the deep fat fryer. • Longer serving time. • This is how french fries should taste, according to many cooks. A little more potato and


a little less frying oil. • Easy to maintain. • Emptying of food prepared in Lightfry is semi automatic. • No use of oil is beneficial for the environment.



W: 693 x H: 695 (incl. chimney 711 mm) x D: 645 mm (incl. handles 690 mm)

Net weight: 100 kg

Electrical connection: 3x400V + N, 50–60 Hz, 16 kW

Drain connection: 1" Fresh water connection: 3/4"

Exhaust air: Extraction hood or canopy. Kitchen extract duct Class 2A.

Capacity: 16 kg French fries/hour. 1 serving – 2 kg/cycle. E.g. 600 g french fries in 4 minutes and 20 seconds.


Material: Oven space and cover in stainless steel.

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