Korinto Super Automatic Espresso Brewer

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  • The Korinto produces café-quality espresso-based beverages using fresh whole bean coffee. It precisely tamps,
    pre-infuses, and extracts coffee all without the need for a trained barista.
  • The Korinto utilizes one whole bean fresh coffee hopper and two soluble product hoppers to create a
    wide variety of specialty beverages including cappuccino, lattes, mochas, and more.
  • Automatic coffee and soluble dosing result in a consistent beverage taste profile.
  • Produce up to 45 (12 oz.) drinks per hour or 120 espresso shots.
  • The simple user interface features large, user-friendly selection buttons and an attractive LCD display.
  • The Korinto can be used in self-service mode or easily operated by any store staff member.
    No barista training required!
  • Attractive and compact design make the Korinto a profitable addition to any existing beverage program or an
    easy entry point into the specialty beverage market.

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