Imperial 40 lb. (22 L.) Open Pot Fryer

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Imperial 40 lb. (22 L.)  Open Pot Fryer

40 lb. (22 L.) open pot stainless steel frypots 
with radius formed edges.
■ Open pot design provides easy cleaning of both
the frying area and the deep cold zone. 
■ Frying area is 14" x 14" (356 x 356), perfect for
all purpose frying.
■ No tube fired burners and no air shutter 
adjustments needed. 
■ Open pot design has a large heat transfer area
and has 122,000 BTU/hr. (36 KW) output. 
■ Vessels are precision welded on the outside of the
frypot for added durability. Welds are robotically 
welded for consistency.
■ Large “cold zone” captures food particles and
keeps them from carbonizing in the fry zone.
■ Millivolt temperature control circuit.
■ Thermostat is placed in the center of the frypot
to detect cold food placed in either basket. 
■ Snap acting thermostat has a 200o
F - 400o
C - 204o
C) temperature range and extends
oil life and produces a uniformly cooked product.
■ Manual or optional programmable computer 
controls available.
■ 100% safety shut-off valve.
■ Two large nickel-plated wire mesh fry baskets
with ergonomic, polyurethane coated handles.
■ Fine mesh crumb screen.
■ 11/4" (32) full port ball valve for quick draining

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