Hugentobler Hold-O-Mat 673 Warming Oven

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Hugentobler Hold-O-Mat 673 Warming Oven

Are you tired of working late into the night? Looking to bypass annoying current spikes? Want to ensure the quality of meat is as high as possible? Hold-o-mat is the global leader for temperature accuracy, dehumidification and improving food quality. Contemporary cooking techniques such as overnight cooking, quality-enhancing measures to keep food warm, and cook & hold are perfectly achievable with the Hold-o-mat.

A precise and economic holding oven with the added dehumidifier ensuring food remains fresh until serving

  • Precise tempreature control due to the PT 500 system .
  • Dehumidification system
  • 10-20% less weight loss
  • Suitable for inhouse or outside catering
  • Weight 24kg
  • Dimensions 415w x 675d x 343h

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