Hold-O-Mat 411, 4x GN 1/1, Warming Oven

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Hold-O-Mat 411, 4x GN 1/1, Warming Oven

The champion has been reworked and made even better:

More space

4 x 1/1 GN: The additional insert provides additional capacity. Thanks to the individually adjustable side guides, you can use the room of the Hold-o-mat 411 even better.

Magnetic core temperature probe

The new, optional core temperature probe is magnetically coupled and can be stored safely when not in use. It can be connected at any time and is detected automatically.

Perfect overview

The OLED display provides a perfect overview of temperatures and allows easy programming. At a glance the Hold-o-mat 411 shows you the setpoint, actual and core temperature.

Day and night

Increasing the quality of the warming: Break the working heads - store short pieces of bread and breaded food quality-improving up to the use in hold-o-mats. The warm food ingredients are integrated directly into the provided menus and are continually served. From now on, you can send the tables you have requested without stress and hustle and bustle - that's life quality.

Cook & Hold

Gentle low-temperature cooking at low heat - leave the Cook & Hold to the hold-o-maten and use the combi-steamer for other cooking processes. Meat pieces are produced and held in hold-o-mats with 10-20% less weight loss. This not only increases the delicacy of the meat, but also has a positive effect on the kitchen yield. Your guests will be your fans!

In the Heat of the Night

"Overnight" cook quite simply - while you sleep peacefully, the Hold-o-mat gathers your daily menu of tomorrow! Low-temperature "overnight" in the Hold-o-maten guarantees a delicate and juicy quality of meats and sauces, uses the favorable night-time and thus reduces the electricity bill.

Minimize energy consumption - save money

The Hold-o-mat is operated with 230 V current and prevents peak loads. For cooking Roastbeef, for example, the Hold-o-mat 411 needs only 0.4 kW / h.


Hold-O-Mat 411
***Core temperature probe not included***

Dim. : 67.5 x 41.5 x 42.3 (H)cm

Capacity 4pcd GN 1/1 (65.0mm);
Precise temperature control;
4 handles;
Temperature range from 20-120oC;
Modern OLED display;
Intelligent dehumidification system;
The goods remain crispy;
Can be built into any stove and kitchen furniture.
Power : 230V/50-60Hz,10A,1.5 kW

• The precise and economical warming oven
• Cooks and keeps meat and fish warm while improving quality .
• Precise t emperature (+/- 1°C) and humidity control
• 10 – 20% less weight loss
• Reduces energy consumption
• Thousands of chefs are working with less stress and t ime-pressure
• Food ready-prepared in t he kitchen can be t ransported in t he H old-o-mat ® and served warm
• Unique in t he world, no other foodwarmer has such an exact t emperature control

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