Frucosol F10 Manual Juicer

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Frucosol F10 Manual Juicer

Frucosol is Spain’s number one manufacturer of catering equipment, and has been selling their products to over 80 countries throughout the world since 1991. The company has been selling their Automatic Juicers, Juice Extractors, Cutlery Polishers and many other products to the UK since the early 1990’s. Frucosol’s professional products are of the very highest quality and have been benefiting small, medium and large restaurants, hotel chains and many other catering establishments throughout the UK and Europe for the past two decades.

The Frucosol F-10 might be small and compact but it offers fresh orange juice straight to the glass in seconds.

The juicer is manufactured in bright stainless steel and its small size is ideal for those who are lacking bar space.

A profit making and time saving machine which is easy to clean and maintain.

Consumption: 180W
Dimensions: 22W 22D 42H
Voltage: 230-110 V 50-60Hz
Weight: 15kg .

Key Features

  • small and compact
  • bright stainless steel
  • easy to clean and maintain
  • App

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