FWE PHTT-6 - Clymate IQ Holding Cabinet

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FWE PHTT-6 - Clymate IQ Holding Cabinet - Heat and Humidity Control 

(Portable - Solid State Controller - Digital Temperature Control - Dial in Percentage of Humidity with Precision - Low Water Alarm - Max Temperature of 200ºF - 12 Pair of Universal Slides with 3" Spacing - Insulated - 43.75" Tall )

FWE PHTT-6 - Clymate IQ Portable Holding Cabinet - 43.75" Tall - Universal Slides - Insulated 

Energy Star 

The Clymate IQ takes the guesswork out of holding foods and provides professional results every time. 

Clymate IQ cabinets start by quickly getting up to the programmed heat and humidity levels - twice as fast as the competition - then the Intuitive Climate Control™ technology automatically maintains the set levels of heat and humidity. 

FWE PHTT-6 - Clymate IQ Portable Holding Cabinet Features: 
Simple to Use: 
Easy-to-read, easy-to-set, color-coded controls allow you to set the unit from 10% to 90% relative humidity and 90ºF to 200ºF. Includes low water and temperature alarms. 

Heats Up Fast: 
The Clymate IQ cabinet’s Intuitive Clymate Control technology reaches the set humidity and temperatures in just 30 minutes vs. 75 minutes for the competition. 

Fast Recovery: 
Clymate IQ gets back to temperature fast.You don’t have to worry about loosing heat and humidity if you open and close the door repeatedly during peak service times. 

Consistency Throughout: All Clymate IQ cabinets feature a unique Push/Pull Air Distribution System to provide uniform temperature and humidity on every level, throughout the unit. 

Place the Unit Anywhere: All units come with a tri-directional AC cord pocket to give you better plug placement. 

Unmatched Ease of Cleaning: The EXCLUSIVE Large Volume Removable Water Reservoir makes clean up a breeze - just pull out the pan and the heating elements lift up for easy cleaning. 

Capacity: Universal Slides 
Holds (6) 18" x 26" Full Size Pans 
Holds (12) 13" x 18" Half Size Pans 

Dimension: 27.75" W x 29.75" D x 43.75" Tall O.A., - 294 Lbs. 
Note: 4.5" spacing standard. 
Electrical: 120 Volts* - 2380 Watts - 19.8 Amps - NEMA 5-20P 
*Dedicated circuit required. 
Warranty: Two Years Parts. One Year Labor. 

FWE PHTT-6 - Clymate IQ Portable Holding Cabinet 



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