Mussana Pony 2L Cream Machine

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Mussana Pony 2L Cream Machine

"The Small" 

The Mussana 2 liter Pony is our entry into the cream machine superclass for unbeaten price / performance ratio. 

In addition, he is our top-selling device, ideal for small catering, cafes and pastry shops. 
Compact and Powerful We a Big.

Mussana’s 2-litre Pony Cream Machine is simple and easy to use and can whip up to 90 litres of cream per hour.

The Pony Cream Machine features a fully insulated intensive cooling system, to ensure the cream remains chilled throughout the whipping process.

Manufactured in hygienic stainless steel, the Pony Cream Machine contains a double-mixing roller for increased productivity.


Microtronic is to meter the output amount left and right keys, the simple way. 
At the same time you see at a glance the status of the device.

The Microtronic includes for the users of the cream machine many advantages in daily work with the machine. 
The standard includes the Microtronic operation via the 6 sensor keys, which are divided into the manual button (top), 4 Portion keys (right below one another) and the duration / Cleaning button (bottom left). When pressing the manual button, the machine produces as long as the button is pressed. The portion buttons are already occupied from the factory with 4 different portions, but can be enlarged or reduced in a certain proportion without major problems.One button is enough and you always get the equal portion of cream - it does not get any easier. Double-setting of the continuous button means for you, in normal daytime press this button they should need large amounts of cream. By activating the chiller, shortly before cleaning the machine, activate the dimmer as a cleaning button. The device now cleans the water for cleaning in the interval through the machine. 
A not become indispensable help with the daily cleaning and disinfection

The term "bag-in-box" covers the direct connection of the cream bag to the pump of the cream machines. 
The company Debic provides the only manufacturer in the field of dairy products 2 connection systems, one for the 1.75 L bag (Perfo system) For all smaller cream machines, secondly for the 5l bag-in-box cream bag for all larger cream machines. In Mussana the 5l cream puffs from the model 4-liter Boy can be used

Benefits of the system are: 
· protective cream against pollution caused by closed 
· Easy storage of cream bag in the machine 
· No Umfüllverluste 
· No Permanent Installation of the system, 
  it may at any time removed

Can whip up to 90 litres of cream per hour

— Standard portioning system using sensors - fully adjustable

— Fully insulated intensive cooling system

— Small footprint which fits in most environments

— Quick and simple to use

— Features double mixing rollers for increased productivity

— Fully electronic temperature contol

Easy to clean with flush filling

— Includes detachable V2A standard stainless steel container

— DIN-tested according to DIN 10507 (Food Hygiene)

— Can hold up to 2 litres of cream

Specifications  Pony
Height (mm) 440
Depth (mm) 390
Width (mm) 230
Weight (kg) 33
Capacity (litre) 4
Power Supply 230v, 50Hz


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