Dispenser Unit GC.10

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Dispenser Unit GC.10
combines three independent appliances in one. A Termorapid coffee machine to make excellent filter coffee in a matter of minutes whose flavour and aroma are enriched and maintained for as long as the machine is running thanks to Camurri’s slow filter system.

Two bain-marie beverage dispensers for heating milk or other beverages.
Each unit operates completely independently and has a thermostat so that beverages stay at the optimum temperature for as long as required. The units can be used alone or in combination with the others.
Easy to use so customers can serve themselves.
Solves all the needs of modern cafeterias, where it is essential to safeguard quality and quantity while saving time, reducing the demands on personnel and wastage. Ideal for Hotels – Restaurants -Self-service cafes – Canteens – Schools – Boarding schools – Hospitals – Catering businesses in general – Fast food outlets.

Made entirely in 18/10 stainless steel.
Automatic operation 
Thermostat control.

G 3/4 connection (cold water)

003G020 GC. 10 9 l 10 l 10 l 145 5,3 kW 400V 3N ~ 895x460x630 mm


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