Dadaux Titane 20 Bowl Cutter

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Dadaux Titane 20 Bowl Cutter

A floor-standing Bowl Cutter equipped with 1 motor for the dual knife speeds, and another motor for the single bowl speed.

The chopping head comprises of three knives which can easily be dismantled and cleaned after use (dishwasher safe).

The monobloc frame is built from 18-10 thick stainless steel plates, to ensure high rigidity during use, with no vibration.

The quality bowl (thickness 5mm) allows the user to adjust the knive setting.



* Complete stainless steel body

* High visibility waterproof buttons

* 3 Knives

* Easy to clean using hose

* Waterproof to IP67

* No vibration

* Compliant to CE standard


Technical Specifications:-

Dimensions: W815mm x D653mm x H970mm

Weight: 160kg

Power: 250v 50Hz Single Phase (3 Phase available, please call us)

Bowl Capacity: 20Ltrs

Bowl Speed: 12 turns/minute

Bowl Motor Power: 0.22Kw

Knife Speed: 1500/3000 turns/minute

Knife Motor Power: 3Kw

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