Blendtec Classic 575 Superblender Orchid

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Blendtec Classic 575 Superblender  Orchid

Blendtec Classic 575 Superblender in Orchid Purple. 

A commercial superblender for home use with a 3pk - 2200W engine. 

This all-in-one is going to change your life. With its pre-programmed features, you can create salsa, smoothies, hot soups, icecream icecream and many more. 
Blendtec blenders are durable. Not for nothing there is 8 years warrantyon the engine and 3 years warranty on the can.
As if you are in a restaurant kitchen. Discover the infinite many possibilities of this superblender. 
The Blendtec 575 is ideal for anyone in the kitchen. Beginner or chef, with the Blendtec you will have top dishes. 

Use one of the pre-programmed functions for: 
- smoothie 
- mix for 60 seconds - mix 
for 90 seconds 
- automatic cleaning 

Of course, you can also choose the speed in 5 modes and there is an additional pulse function. 
The device continues to run for 50 seconds at the selected speed and then automatically stops so that you can continue working. Of course, you can change the speed at any time, stop or choose the extra pulse option. 

Due to the high speed of the knife and the friction heat that results in it, you can also heat soups in the blender. Start with fresh vegetables - add some water as needed and let the blendtec superblender make your fresh hot soup. 

The control panel is clear and easy to operate with touch keys. 
In addition, the panel is completely smooth, so hygienic and easy to keep clean. 

The illuminated LCD screen shows how many seconds the programs are still running. In addition, you can read on the device how often you have already used it. Join and celebrate your 1000th use with extra delicious indulgence! 
Type: Blendtec superblender classic 575. 
- Color: Orchid purple. 
- Material housing: Hard plastic. 
- Clear control panel with tip keys - smooth surface so hygienic. 
- 4 Pre-programmed keys: smoothie, 60 seconds blending, 90 seconds blending, cleaning. 
- 5 Adjustable speeds and extra pulse key. 
- Illuminated LCD screen. 
- FourSide, 1.9 liters with maiden design of tritan plastic - can release 100 percent BPA.Dishwasher in the dishwasher. 
- Super strong steel blender knife. 
- Power output: 3pk (2200W) - 240V, 50Hz. 
- Height x width x depth: 38.1cm x 17.8cm x 20.3cm. 
- Weight: 3.2 kg. 
- Warranty: 8 years on engine and 3 years on can. 

The Blendtec classic 575 blender comes with the Blendtec FourSide can. The can is almost 2 liters and has a handy content scale on the side. The can is made of hard tritan plastic. Of course, completely free of BPA. 
Alternatively, you can order one of the other Blendtec kits, such as the WildSide +, Twister or MiniTwister. This gives your Blendtec Blender even more possibilities. 


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