Cleveland Convotherm C4ED20.10GB Half Size Roll-In

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Cleveland Convotherm C4ED20.10GB Half Size Roll-In Gas Combi Oven with easyDial Controls - 238,500 BTU

This Cleveland Convotherm C4ED20.10GB half size roll-in gas combi oven features a large digital display and easyDial controls to make it easy for you to navigate the menu. It has storage for up to 250 recipes, plus 99 numerical cooking recipe files! Other great features include 5 fan speeds with auto-reverse, 5-level humidification control, 5-level dehumidification control, and 5 levels of steam injection for traditional baking.

An illuminated, colored ring on the display indicates the operating status, and multipoint core temperature probes ensure accuracy at all times. The patented Advanced Closed System+ is the heart and soul of this combi oven. It is a completely closed moisture and heat control system that automatically controls humidity and temperature based on the physical properties of the food that you are cooking. This means that foods will be crispy and succulent, plus they will cook faster! The fact that foods come out better, along with the added simplicity of use, better working climate, and lower cost of operation, makes this combi oven an essential for any commercial kitchen. 

The right-hinged door can be slammed shut without the worry of it breaking, which is great for busy commercial kitchen environments, and it features a two-stage handle with safety vent protection to help avoid injuries from steam. Made with an anti-bacterial material, the door handle, hand shower, and touch screen help you avoid contamination and keep your kitchen environment clean and sanitary. To aid you in that endeavor, this combi oven has a built-in, retractable hand shower and HACCP data storage. Plus, the easy-to-access USB port provides a convenient method to import or export data from your combi oven. This unit can hold up to 20 half size sheet pans or full size steam table pans.
  • Large digital display and dial for easy menu navigation
  • Roll-in rack design
  • Holds 20 half size sheet pans or full size steam table pans
  • HACCP data storage and easy-access USB port
  • Two-stage anti-bacterial door handle with safety vent position
  • Built-in retractable hand shower
  • Steam generator design

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 35"
Depth: 32"
Height: 76 1/2"
Voltage-240 or 120 v Please specify

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