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Its ease of use, the new CAMURRI BRAUER mod. CB.23 (Patent Camurri) completely built in AISI 304 allows you to make a good craft beer, using natural products and realizing any kind of recipe. Ideal for the processing of agricultural food processes through a hot extraction of liquid products.

Equipped with:

- A PLC programmer which allows you to control, regulate and plan the times and desired temperatures in processing Vs. recipes automatically.

- A mixing valve which through a suitable gear motor to the correct mixture of the mixtures, thus enhancing the organoleptic quality.

- A resistance for heating and maintaining the product in the various processing phases.

- A practical filter in double net all-steel AISI 304.

- A lid and convenient dispensing unit

Easy to use, clean and maintain.

In support of CB.23 we can provide a wide range of accessories including a BT interface, which allows you to program from your Tablet or Smartphone Android equipment, filters for Hops, refrigerated fermenters, conical, plate heat exchangers, which will allow you to develop the production of Vs. craft beers.

Indispensable for micro-breweries, home brewers, pubs, farmhouses, training centers such as hotel schools and for all activities that want to promote their craft recipe.

The Camurri patented system allows a better extraction of sugar compared to other systems, allowing it to run in one machine the phases of preparation of beer wort from the mash up to brewing. In addition it is also possible to make the cooling within the device.

CE marked.


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