Ascaso Steel Trio Professional

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Ascaso Steel Trio Professional

Ascaso Steel Trio PM Professional Coffee Machine

Size: h:360mm w:480mm d:315mm

Ascaso Steel Trio Professional Espresso Machine comes with three heating elements, two for brewing coffee and one for hot water/steam. It comes with a dual temperature control feature which is used for brewing coffee and for frothing/steaming; a coffee thermostat temperature of 105º and a steam thermostat temperature of 140º. Obtaining brewed coffee or steam/froth at desired temperature is easy. The Trio has a boiler/thermo-block for each head, and a separate boiler/thermo block for the steam, so users can now froth milk and make the espresso at the same time. The boiler and thermo-blocks are all made of brass, and the boiler has external heating system which increases the boiler capacity and also ensures even, and consistent heat conduction and heat retention throughout the system. It includes a powerful steam supply that can make dense and thick milk froth for cappuccinos. It includes a steam pipe protector that increases the life of the steam pipe. Ascaso Steel Trio Espresso Machine has Accu-read gauge and flip control switches which provide easy and user friendly operation. This coffee machine has two types of options for water storage; one is a pour-over type of system that comes with a 3 litre removable water tank fitted at the side. The other is a direct connection to mains water supply. It has a ‘no water’ warning facility; flashes a light when there is no water in the tank. When there is no water the machine stops operating, this helps in saving the pump from getting damaged. This machine works on a 16-bar pump pressure, and consumes a power of 1200×2 and 900×1 watts. It has a 3-way solenoid valve which relieves the water pressure once the brew switch is turned off which prevents dripping of coffee. Also a removable drip tray comes with this machine. A warming plate with railing is situated at the top of the machine

  • Two large capacity professional brass boilers supplying two independent brewheads and a thermal block heating system for virtually instant steam
  • Solid and rugged all stainless steel body, electric blue pilot lights & Independent hot water pipe
  • Two analogue boiler temperature gauges, one for each boiler
  • The solenoid valve in each of the brewheads, diverts excess water from the brewhead to the drip tray
  • Two pumps independently deliver a pressure of up to 16 bar to each brewhead
  • Froth enhancer to easily produce thick creamy milk for cappuccino
  • Two removable 30 cup water reservoirs, with ‘no water’ warning light, the reservoirs can be topped-up while the machine is in use
  • Large area cup warming tray with smart stainless steel rail
  • Large removable drip tray with steel grate
  • Weight 21kg/ 2 x 2 Lire Water tank
  • Warranty for 2 Years

Three independent heating systems, two for coffee and one for steam. Large boiler. Can produce up to 150 cups per day.

The Ascaso Steel range is available through Special Order. Estimated delivery time is 6 weeks.

Machine Type Electric Pump
Price 601+
Size Large
Integrated Grinder No
Integrated Water Filter No
Coffee Production Per Day 50+
Heating Systems 2+
Versatility Beans

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