Server Cream Holder

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Server Cream Holder

The Espresso Cream Holder is designed to hold bulk cream at a safe temperature and is used in conjunction with an espresso machine with an auto-frother attachment.
The polished stainless steel design helps create an upscale image of quality and cleanliness to your customers. Many high volume espresso machines are equipped with a hose that can be inserted into a milk supply to draw milk for the frothing operation. This hose is inserted into the 5⁄16 " (7.9mm) hole on top.

This model includes two round Eutectic Ice Packs 94013. One is for use while the other is stored in your freezer for quick change-outs.
Polished stainless steel base with insulation for efficiency
Stainless steel jar with a 3qt (2.8L) capacity
(2) Eutectic Ice Packs 94013; (1) for use, (1) for your freezer
2-Year Warranty

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