Mussana Mini Cream Machine 400 v

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Mussana Mini Cream Machine 400 v

The model MINI is actually our "Greatest

Without cooling, intended exclusively for the production, there is the device in two versions. he Mussana MINI iequipped with a 400 V engine
Sucking the cream by means of the suction hose directly from the cooled cream pack, by its compact size, the device after use is easy to stow. 
The impact of the cream is of course also by the double mixing roll of V2A stainless steel.
Mussan's Mini Cream Machine provides the perfect solution for small businesses that have limited space.

This compact machine is capable of processing up to 80 litres of raw cream per hour and suction is take directly from the cream packaging.

Each Mini Cream Machine is manufactured in stainless steel guaranteeing them to be durable, hygienic and easy to clean.

 Small and compact - takes up very little space

— Capable of processing up to 80 litres of raw cream per hour .

— Runs without cooling

— Suction directly from the cream packaging

— Hygienic stainless steel construction ensures cleaning is quick and easy

— DIN - tested according to DIN 10507 (Food Hygiene)

Specifications  Mini
Height (mm) 400
Depth (mm) 310
Width (mm) 220
Weight (kg) 20
Capacity (litre) 4
Power Supply 400V

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