Bartscher Bartscher Coffeeline G3 plus with 4 boilers

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Bartscher Bartscher Coffeeline G3 plus with 4 boilers

1 boiler per brewing group and 2 steam taps 1 tea water tap Maintenance indicator Steel body Easy case removal Anti-vacuum valve for the boiler Hot water supplied directly from the interior of the boiler Chromium plated swivel-jointed outlet pipe for steam and hot water delivery Automatic water intake through magnetic valve Built in volumetric motor pump with 2 pressure valves Particles filter Pressure control valve PREE BREE SYSTEM (patented coffee pre-brewing process)
manufacturer's warranty (years) 2
length 58 cm (incl. wrapping)
width 96.7 cm (incl. wrapping)
height 52.3 cm (incl. wrapping)
weight 87.000 kg (incl. wrapping)

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