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The first water cooling system was produced by the Zerilli family in 1931. A continued commitment, generation after generation, with the development of an entrepreneurial project that has always placed emphasis on research and quality as an absolute priority. A prime example of this is the HPDC® (High Performance Direct Chill) cooling system, developed by ZERICA to exclusively offer its customers state-of-the-art technology, after that Direct Chill, a system also developed by ZERICA, became a world standard. In response to customisation requests, the company equipped itself with a computerised control production line which integrates highly qualified manual workmanship with the control of each lot of production trough a computer archive which provides for the storage of all relevant data. Total quality control is favoured by complete cycle production, fully managed within the company: from design to metal casing production, up to each individual assembly and testing phase. Technology intervenes where it produces tangible benefits. For this reason, ZERICA has a modern plant that allows infinite customisation of the metal casing forms for each appliance. A significant advantage which translates into the possibility for customers to request "custommade" casing designs without resorting to expensive and laborious mould construction phases. The first 80 years of company history gave the Zerilli family a solid foundation for their future in this sector, with new projects and ideas always faithful to their philosophy: to create reliable and durable quality products.

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AQTOP 270 AIN001
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Zerica Gemini
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Refresh Bar GPlus 20
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