Orved Vacuum Packers

Orved Vacuum Packers

Orved has the pleasure and the pride to inform you, that it became part of “Italian Excellence” certified companies. This important award, certifies that Orved SpA is exclusive manufacturer of highest quality products, entirely Made in Italy. A special Anti-counterfeiting ID n. 5093, protects Orved Spa brand and all its products as vacuum packing machines, sous-vide cooker thermobath, tray thermosealers, bags and accessories.

In addition, Orved is listed in the “Hall of Excellence” of the Excellence Italian website

Reducing environmental impact and energy for those who use our machines for storage and vacuum cooking is our daily priority.

So when we design new vacuum systems we try to create them so they can ensure maximum energy savings.

Increased energy efficiency means more savings for the user and a real environmental benefit.

Excellence, innovation, training, listening and customer care are the foundations of the Orved corporate philosophy. This consistent choice has led the company to spread the culture and the use of vacuum technology around the world by offering cutting-edge machinery in both technology and quality, able not only to respond to clients' needs but also to anticipate them.

Today Orved, represents excellence in the vacuum world for both storage and in cooking. It carries the highest quality and efficient products to simplify the customers' daily work, always ensuring the highest level of technology and performance with significant time and cost savings.

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Thermosealing OPM 1.5
£24,000.00 *
Thermosealing OPM 3.0,
£25,833.33 *
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Orved New Vacuum
£1,276.67 *
Vacuum sealer Evox 25h
£1,573.33 *
Eco Vacuum machine
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