Since 1962 Movilfrit designs, manufactures and commercializes products to meet needs of professionals of hospitality and catering sectors.

A good material selection, along with a carefully-studied design and developed by great professionals, ensure success in the kitchen. We work with the best materials and take care of production to offer best solutions to our customers. Our development and assembly centers comply with required regulations of environmental protection. Know-how of our experienced team of industrial designers, quality finishes and guarantees of success related to our products, make more and more companies linked to the hospitality industry decide to trust in Movilfrit.

For over 50 years Movilfrit has been offering solutions for integral equipment of professional kitchens. Step by step our company was developing and extending our product range. Our business has grown steadily which has led us to be considered a benchmark in the catering sector. At present Movilfrit relies on a strong distribution network to offer individual approach to every customer’s request, ensure good after-sales service and build a long-term relationship.

We are present in main national and international trade fairs to present our newest developments and products and to know the latest trends and needs of hospitality and catering sector.

Movilfrit helps you to achieve success by providing best solutions for your professional kitchen.

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BR130 Charcoal Oven
£5,458.33 *
Barbecue M80
£3,332.50 *
Charcoal Grill M140
£4,083.33 *
F10 + 10 FRYER
£1,350.00 *
Oven Pizza Gas 412054
£3,750.00 *
Barbecue grill
£260.00 *
Gas Barbecue B15
£1,943.33 *
Oven Pizza SUL 1
£708.00 *
Oven Pizza SUL 2
£917.50 *
Cold plate 306561
£1,233.00 *
Cold plate 306562
£1,600.00 *
Cold plate 306563
£1,800.00 *
Pizza Gas 9 PIZZA
£4,382.50 *
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1 - 50 of 78 results