Jac Bread Machines

Jac Bread Machines

The JAC brand first saw the light of day in 1946 in Liège, Belgium. The first bread slicer was produced in 1949. It became the classic manual model that was to be seen in most bakeries in Belgium in the 1950s.

At the beginning of the 1990s, the current shareholder acquired the company and proceeded to give it an extensive technical and logistic reorganisation.

From then on, JAC would experience a constant expansion of its activities: first of all in 2000 with the takeover of Marie/Prodec (now JAC Langres) which brought dough processing equipment to the brand, and then with the opening of JAC/USA which gave sales on the other side of the Atlantic a boost. And recently with the takeover of the Matfour brand in France, which allowed the range of dough processing equipment to be completed.

Over the years, the JAC brand has entered markets all over the world.

Thanks to its new and enhanced production capacities, the JAC brand has entered markets all over the world and is now indisputably a reference brand and the leading manufacturer of bread slicers in the bakery sector.

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