Our mixers have a strong steel structure. An ideal work relationship between tool and bowl, developed in perfect size and distance, a precise design to adapt perfectly: regular mixture, constant quality with small or large dough quantities. Excellent dough oxygenation for more tasty bread and better leavening. Regular mixing for a soft, homogeneous mixture. 

Rotation speed is the result of long experience: homogeneousness, consistency, low temperature and better hydratation of the mixture

A fork mixer is preferably used for hard dough, 35% water: it takes longer but the dough holds better, times for the next moulding can be delayed. 

An arms mixer is suited to tender dough, 50/70% water: greater dough volume and more oxygenation to leaven faster. 

A spiral mixer is suited for normal dough, 60% water, using weaker flours: it reduces mixing times, but with less aeration and greater heating.

All machines conform to European Directives applicable and are guaranteed 2 years (excluding parts subject to normal wear and tear).

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