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Dicer Dadaux Cubixx100 415v

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Dadaux Technologies

Dicer Dadaux Cubixx100 415v

With our scaler you can cut meat, fish or cheese into various shapes with complete uniformity.

Comply with CE standards

Made in France

Ideal machine for the small and big quantities..

It allows to slice perfectly (meat, delicatessen, cheese, guts, vegetables…).

Its advance system give it a great strength. Easy machine to dismantle for a irreproachable hygiene thanks to cleaning with high pressure.

It can be equipped with a grid for the grated cheese.

Entirely stainless steel.

Loading dimensions: 100 x 100 x 290 mm

Tension: TRI, 400v

Output: 1300kg/hour

Feed motion: 1 – 35mm

Power: 2,6Kw

Cutting grid size: 4×4 / 50x50mm

Overall dimensions: 1160 x 620 x 1140mm

Weight: 220kg


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