Hatco Glo-Ray® Infrared Strip Heaters

Hatco Glo-Ray® Infrared Strip Heaters


Hatco Glo-Ray® Infrared Foodwarmers safely keep all hot foods at optimum serving temperatures longer. Foods do not dry out or become discolored; even the most delicate dishes hold that"just-prepared" look. The Glo- Ray pre-focused heat pattern directs heat from a tubular element to bathe the entire holding surface.

An on-off switch may be installed in front or back of the unit to suit the location.

Remote control installation is recommended on all installations to extend the life of the controls.

Standard Features

• Sturdy continuous aluminum housings eliminate sagging.
• Pre-focused heat maintains serving temperatures longer without continuing to cook the food.


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Glo-Ray Food Warmer
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Glo-Ray Food Warmer
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GRAHL-84D Glo-Ray 84"
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