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new 4 litre Hamilton Beach Commercial Food blender

new 4 litre Hamilton Beach Commercial Food blender

The HBF1100S, is super-fast to save food prep time with powerful, high-volume blending.

The HBF1100S features a powerful 3.5 Hp motor which drives a custom-designed blade, making light-work of chopping, grinding, blending, pureeing and emulsifying large quantities. It is supplied with a large, four litre container.

The variable speed dial allows the blender to operate from a low speed, perfect for salad dressings and chopping and grinding, to a high speed that quickly creates a velvety smooth puree. The blender also features a chop function which pulses the blades, between a very low speed and the chef-selected blend speed, to keep foods with even the smallest amount of liquid, such as houmous, salsas and green smoothies, moving inside the blender jar.

It has a low profile design for improved operator ergonomics, while the transparent lid allows users to easily see into the blender container during the blend cycle, for precise control over texture and consistency. Custom program buttons allow operators to produce recipes consistently, without the need to constantly watch over the mixing process. Re-programming is simple too – operators just have to insert a memory card when there are any menu changes.

For safety, the blender’s interlock system with indicator light means that it will not start mixing until the container and lid are securely in place on the blender base. The HBF1100S is built for long-lasting performance in busy commercial kitchens.

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