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dIamond Grill

dIamond Grill




The Diamant Grill combines design with innovative technology to create new functionalities unlike any other charcoal grill on the market today. Based on the Kamado principle, the Diamant Grill offers versatile preparation options, precise control, even heat distribution and a unique ratio of charcoal use and grilling duration.

Exceptional versatility through precise temperature control. Experience the unlimited possibilities of food preparation.

At the barbecue, the meat is cooked very slowly.


Pure taste! How to prepare meat at the professional level. By cooking at low temperature, roast beef, spare ribs, pulled pork, beef breast and poultry become incomparably tender and juicy. In temperatures between 95 ° C and 145 ° C, your meat is cooked slowly and gently over a period of 3 to more than 24 hours. Thus, it has enough time to absorb the intense flavors of smoked chips. The supreme discipline of the BBQ.

Steak barbecue on the diamond grill.


Easy and fast! Add steaks, meatballs, sausages, fish and chicken breast fillings to the unique branding on the chrome steel grid. With the Diamant Grill® you turn your perfectly marbled steak into a "Chef d'oeuvre".

Indirect grilling prevents the direct heat of the coal.


The heat deflector is the most important accessory to turn your Diamant Grill® into a complete professional kitchen. Placed between the hot coals and the grilled food, the deflector protects your food from intense, direct heat. A stream of hot air under the lid develops, which provides for a uniform heat as in a convection oven and enables a variety of cooking methods.

The Diamant Grill is an ideal smoker.


Extend the flavors of your food with completely new nuances. Various smoked woods give your food a subtle smoke flavor and intensify the taste experience. Whether for fish, meat or vegetables.Every wood has its own taste and the creative combination possibilities are limitless.

Baking on the grill with a brick.


On the Diamant Grill® you bake pizza, bread, cakes, just as you can prepare casseroles. The even heat under the lid and the brick turn your grill into a full-fledged charcoal stone oven.

Salmon barbecue on the Diamant Grill.


Cook vegetables, pasta and salmon in the gentle steam of boiling water from a bowl, which is positioned in the heat deflector over the hot coals.This preserves important vitamins and nutrients, and the vegetables can be served very hard.


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