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Yesovens is a company manufacturing professional ovens of the highest quality.

Great professionalism and experience, innovative design, extraordinary performance, attention and care to the smallest details and the finest materials: it is thanks to the art of knowing do well the things that we create, design and finally we produce the ovens to suit all needs and all areas of a professional kitchen. From gastronomy to pastry and restaurant, a perfect Yesovens oven for every place.


The continuous research of the best technologies makes our ovens built to perfection: Yesovens creates real works of contemporary art in the kitchen: the heat is our inspiration, the oven is our work of art. Our products are designed for those in an oven do not see only a tool but the heart of the kitchen. The heart of art.

“The art gallery of an old friend must have been in those whereabouts” was one of those marvelous mid-October days, when the air is clear and crisp, and the sky is blue without any clouds.
I had taken the afternoon off; I was feeling like fully breathing the magic of fall, and strolling around town. So, I asked my 8-year and a half daughter to come with me. She accepted immediately: she had already done her homework and was happy to have her daddy for her for some time.
We had a long walk in town: she told me about school and her friends, her dance and swimming classes. We had gone so far away that we suddenly found ourselves in the other side of the town. It was a new, more modern area, where the elegant buildings of a past era leave room to futuristic buildings and to skyscrapers that almost touch the stars. It came to my mind that the art gallery of an old friend I had met at University must have been in those whereabouts. He had sent me the invitation for the inauguration, but I had not managed to go. Why not popping in and say hello? We found the gallery and my old friend, who was glad to see me and to meet my daughter.

I looked around: I really did not understand how what was surrounding me could be defined art.

To me, art was a nice painting by Raphael, or a sculpture by Canova.
The walls hosted some photographs of objects of ordinary use: nice photographs – no doubt – but I could not see anything special in them. No, I could not understand how what I was seeing could be defined art.
“Do you like the exhibition?” my friend asked?” “Wonderful, really, I am speechless!” I stuttered, obviously lying. “And you? What do you think, little girl?” The gallery director asked my daughter. Never ask an eight-year girl for her impressions: “I do not like it!” was her prompt reply.

When asked for the reasons of such a merciless answer, the girl replied innocently: “Well, there is no nice drawing or nice sculpture exhibited here! I do not see anything beautiful in a book cover or in a pan!”
My friend burst into a loud laughter, then he bent and looked seriously at my daughter:

“You are right, you are perfectly right. But – you see – there is something I would like to tell you now and that perhaps will help you understand why I have chosen to hang these photographs to the walls. Art is not only a nice painting.
A famous artist once said art makes visible what perhaps is not. And, often we do not realize art is everywhere, hidden behind any object made with care and commitment.

It is not by chance that we say an object is made “down to a fine art” when it is well done. Behind any sign, behind the simplest move an artist makes, even if it
is the most trivial one, there is reasoning, discipline, thinking.

“You have to go beyond things. This is why I selected these photographs: Art is hidden even inside everyday objects; you just have to want to see it. And you will realize it is everywhere.”

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