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XL-300 Xcelerate Hi-Speed Oven

XL-300 Xcelerate Hi-Speed Oven

Single magnetron for rapid cooking

The XL-300 Xcelerate® Hi-Speed Oven combines microwave and forced air impingement technologies to cook up to 10 times faster than a conventional oven. This compact unit is perfect for preparing smaller offerings like panini and pastries to accompany freshly brewed coffee in coffee shops and other limited service applications. *Available in North and South America only.

  • Fresh food in a flash – From heating up frozen muffins and scones, to finishing more robust menu items, the full- and limited-service applications are endless.
  • Easy to use – The only true touchscreen, picture-based control is fully programmable and can store up to 100 programs for simple menu selection and consistent food quality. Front accessible USB port provides easy control updating and menu recipe program management.
  • Cost effective – The built-in catalytic converter removes smoke, odor and grease laden vapor - eliminating the need for an expensive exhaust hood.
  • Perfect for small portions –  Pies, croissants, baguettes and more, cook up quickly with a crispy golden finish. Pre-made frozen or chilled foods can be baked without defrosting, saving you time, equipment and cost.
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