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Unipro, Italian excellence at the service of international bakery industry.


Based in the Vicenza’s neighbouring city of Montegalda, Unipro was born from the merger between Universal’s company mission and productive technology, and the expertise of Polin Group, renowned business in the Italian sector of bakery and pastry equipment. This fruitful partnership between the two leading companies in the field of baking system’s design and manufacturing was also enhanced by shared values and a common work philosophy.

Unipro was founded with the aim of fulfilling the requests of an ever-increasing and demanding clientele, by offering custom-made solutions out of a wide range of horizontal cooking equipments, with different structures and technical specifications.

Our main priorities are R&D, technological innovation, environmental sustainability and customer service: these are the core elements on which both companies strongly rely.

Unipro offers a wide range of products for the HO.RE.CA. sector, ranging from proofing chambers to bakery, pastry and industrial ovens. By focusing on the simplification and acceleration of cooking phases, our company can match the needs of mass catering and medium or large restaurant services, such as catering services, service station cafés, hospital and school canteens.

Today, Unipro’s strength in international markets lies in the capacity to provide a valid alternative to the classic manufacturing process of restaurant ovens. As a dynamic and technologically advances business, Unipro stands out for the top quality of its products: each single item is assembled through a strictly regulated process, ensuring high standards and making it suitable for the introduction in domestic and foreign markets.

Taking advantage on the expertise acquired throughout the years by Polin Group, Unipro is nowadays a benchmark in the sector of professional ovens.




Our company mission is to excel in the strategic markets of cooking systems by putting forward state-of-the-art technologies, in order to advise our customers with the one tailor-made solution that best suits their needs.

Top-quality, high performances and innovation are the elements that made Unipro’s products known and appreciated all over the world and that soon turned us into one of the leading companies in the sector of professional cooking. Nevertheless, our first priority remains customer assistance, and in this sense we pride ourselves on having established with our international clients a long-term relationship, based on mutual trust, a common set of ethical values and environmental awareness.

As a consequence of our enterprising spirit, we are prodded into confronting with new challenges and targets on a daily basis. Our ideas are turned into projects, and projects are turned into products to be traded and purchased worldwide. All this with an Italian know-how that is the distinctive feature of our company.




The brand Unipro is nowadays renowned for the top-quality and high technical performances of our products, and has acquired visibility in the global sector of professional ovens for the restaurant and catering industry by constantly monitoring market needs.

A constant and constructive dialogue with technicians and chefs alike has brought to the creation of a wide range of products manufactured with premium-grade materials and undergoing certified testing procedures before being delivered to the final client, in order to ensure perfect functioning.

Unipro operates all over the world thanks to a widespread network of authorized dealers, granting a fast and efficient service from the moment of purchase to after-sale assistance, which also means an optimization of time and costs for our customers.

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