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The vacuum

The vacuum

What Do You Mean By Vacuum And How Do You Get It?

Vacuum is obtained by means of a mechanic action which allows the air rarefaction.
What takes place inside a chamber machine is a very simple procedure: an appropriate vacuum pump sucks the air from the bag which contains the product. This allows the suction of oxygen, vital gas for human beings, but also for micro-organisms, such as bacteria and moulds. Their proliferation is therefore stopped and their metabolisms are inhibited, as well as their fermentative activities. The container and the bag must be properly sealed, in order to create an effective and lasting vacuum.

Why Is Air Damaging?

The oxygen present in the air, helps the proliferation of moulds and bacteria responsible for the foodstuffs deterioration (fats going rancid, fruit’s oxidation, icy burn marks, besides loss of taste and flavour). The vacuum packing through the air elimination, reduces and delays all the above mentioned effects, consequently obtaining the prolongation of the shelf-life of products, and as far as hygiene is concerned, a definitely superior safety threshold thanks to the removal of bacteria.

Longer Shelf-Life And Quality Of Foodstuffs

The one who possesses a vegetable garden will not worry about the products which have not been consumed during the season.
But even those who don’t have a vegetable garden will enjoy the advantages of vacuum packing system by having the possibility of buying big quantities of in season fruit and vegetables, and being sure to preserve them perfectly.
Another advantage not to be underestimated!
Thanks to this preservation system, one will no longer be obliged to consume the already prepared meals (and eventually exceeding) within the day as they can be preserved and tasted even later, without any loss of flavour, and perfectly safe from the risk of food poisoning. Resuming: freshness, taste, safety, handiness. Saving of time, money and effort!

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