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The Benefits Of Wood Furniture

The Benefits Of Wood Furniture

The newest trend emerging is the appearance of wood in kitchens and other household furniture.  This natural element invokes a sensation of warmth and beauty in customers that can’t be replaced by any other material.  The use of this element is especially important in senior care centers and hospitals.  The recreation of this helps its residents to feel more comfortable.  Something particularly convenient about this new trend is how easily repairable the material is.  When scratches or other small damages show up, a light sanding and a new coat of oil are the only necessities required that make a wooden kitchen countertop or cabinet look fresh and new again.  By saving on the costs of damages, a larger budget is available for marketing or other necessary improvements.

The choice of a contemporary style or dark, traditional style affects the featured wood in countertops or cabinets.  In the contemporary style kitchen, lighter colored woods with a blonde or light and natural finish are advised.  This specific style inspires a lighter and happier design and aura to the room.  Overall, a painted or colored wood stain is preferred, along with simple and clean lines, with this style as well.  On the other hand, if choosing a dark, traditional style in order to make a room look larger, “luxurious hardwoods” are the best option, such as mahogany, cherry, and ebony.  The trends found in countertops especially are featuring exotic woods such as wenge, jatoba, mahogany, and teak.  Another option is combining these two types of styles in order to give a contrast of light and dark woods which offers a more intriguing and interesting appearance to customers (Raines). 

Lately, there has been higher demand for wood furniture for recreational rooms as well (Chandler).  Whether adding a multi-purpose bumper pool table that also converts into a classy dining room set or adding a touch of class with a high-end bar, more finished basements are creating a warm, inviting atmosphere with wood accent furniture.

Wood furniture trends are also being translated to restaurants and dining facilities.  The wood décor brings the same ambience and warmth to restaurants and dining facilities so that guests can feel as if they’re eating in the comfort of their own homes.  Geneva’s wood furniture can help to accomplish this atmosphere in various dining settings.

Featured in the Geneva Product Catalog are the Bernina and Rivage II Bar Collections.  Both of them are available in red mahogany and antique cherry veneer finish.  These two collections and finishes will complement a dark, traditional style kitchen perfectly; the mobility of these portable bars also makes them adaptable to complement the rest of the furniture or carts being served on.  On the other hand, the Wilson Collection of portable bars matches the objectives of the contemporary style kitchen, with its multiple color options, such as the maple laminate.


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