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The low temperature cooking is increasingly popular in professional kitchens today because it allows standardize firings, minimize waste, and a more rational use of the resources of the kitchen and the oven, chiller, refrigerator, etc.In this type of cooking food is subjected to a temperature stable and homogeneous for extended periods, which may even be several days. Normally usually 100oC temperatures below where a small temperature variation of only 1 ° C, may cause different levels in the food doneness. 

Until recently, the only tool available to the chefs to graduate accurately firing temperature of the thermostat was immersion. However, this device is ill suited to the environment of professional kitchens. 

Distform technology has developed TSC (Thermal Stability Control), applied combination ovens, to meet the specific needs of professional kitchens. This innovation allows working with absolutely accurate temperatures, but, more efficient, more hygienic, without delay, without buckets of water and greater production capacity than an immersion thermostat more comfortable. 

Unlike the rest of combination ovens, the TSC technology , patented exclusively by Distform, it ensures high stability of the temperature inside the cooking chamber, comparable to that of an immersion thermostat. For example, in the graph on the left a combined cooking oven without TSC is observed. It is appreciated that in one measurement point, its temperature varies during the course of cooking (stability). It is also noted that in a moment of time, the probes spread over the cooking chamber measuring different temperatures (homogeneity). It is unfeasible to perform low temperature cooking with optimal and repeatable results with this type of oven. 

However, with the TSC system , right, it is noted that throughout the cooking chamber and throughout the cooking temperature has remained constant (with an accuracy of +/- 0.2oC), which allows firings at low temperature with perfect and repeatable results. 

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