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You’d think this story begins in Italy, where the Choco Kebab was created– but it doesn’t. It actually all started in Germany, where the founder of Choco Kebab, Angelo, was visiting an old friend. They had a Turkish Döner Kebab for lunch (lamb inside a pita.) And when they couldn’t find anything appealing to get for dessert, Angelo’s friend joked, “You should invent a sweet Kebab!” And so the idea was born, and Angelo went back to Italy to gather the highest quality chocolate and innovative equipment to create the Choco Kebab concept.

The prestigious Italian company Techfood spent years mastering the recipe and designing the advanced equipment. And in 2015, an Italian family of entrepreneurs decided to share this decadent treat with America. Italian Chocolate Twister now represents Techfood in Florida, helping business owners and other entrepreneurs cash in on the Choco Kebab business. You can find Choco Kebab in several Florida malls, venues and local ice cream shops. This is only the beginning!

So what exactly IS the Choco Kebab? Well, it’s certainly not what you imagine when you think “kebab.” It all starts with the artisanal Cremino Piemontese chocolate: layers of creamy hazelnut and gianduia chocolate that melts in your mouth. Made in Italy, the chocolate is packaged into a 22-pound cylinder that is kept on a vertical rotating spit inside a state-of-the-art refrigerated case (this is the part that looks likes the rotating lamb meat used for traditional kebabs.) The chocolate is then sliced and served in a warm crepe-like pancake topped with fruit, ice cream, whipped cream or anything you’d like! .

Our dedication to providing a quality product and sharing the love of chocolate has helped us grow tremendously this past year. We hope to see you soon at one of our locations. Come get a taste of Choco Kebab and twist your senses!

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