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Our new Alaska Cold Working Boot in the News!!!!

Our new Alaska Cold Working Boot in the News!!!!

We’re currently promoting our brand new Alaska RF001 Boot.  

Here’s our press release for the Alaska:

Cold Feet a Thing of the Past in Construction, Offshore and Cold Storage Working Conditions

Leading Safety Footwear Manufacturer, Rock Fall (UK) Ltd launches its revolutionary Alaska RF001 boot which combines comprehensive protection with water repellent leather and enhanced insulation properties to –40°c.

Rock Fall (UK) Ltd has developed some of the most innovative and stylish Safety Boots and Hiking Boots on the market today and constantly strives to combine durability with fashion and comfort.  The Alaska RF001 is no exception from this and the company is offering your publication one pair of boots to offer to your readers as part of a giveaway or competition.

The Alaska RF001 boot is one of the highest specification cold store boots in Europe and features rubber outsoles able to withstand temperatures down to –40°c. It boasts 3M Thinsulate B600 Insulation Thermal Lining, which is the trusted brand for outdoor workers. It consists of a ‘Fursulate’ Lining, creating warmth and comfort, whilst the breathable mid-lining ensures maximum moisture wicking properties. The protective composite toecap and midsole enhance the thermal and safety properties of this boot. Because of these features, the boot offers huge benefits to individuals working in construction in cold climates, offshore settings, cold storage and other hazardous, low temperature environments.

Stephen Noon, Managing Director of Rock Fall (UK) Ltd commented on his company’s development of the Alaska Boot:  “We listened to professionals operating in cold conditions.  Cold related foot conditions can seriously affect the health and productivity of a workforce and so we set out to develop what we feel is the best thermal insulated boot on the market and one we are very proud to announce”.  Mr Noon Added: “In addition to its outstanding temperature resistance and comfort, the Alaska boasts a number of very high specification features that ensure the protection of feet from a number of hazards”.

The Alaska Boot surpasses the EN ISO 20345:2004 S3 CI European Safety Standards. Developed with the wearer and their cold working environments in mind, the Alaska also boasts an upper material of anti-cracking full grain leather and an SRC Slip Resistant Rating.  It features a composite toe cap and anti penetration composite internal midsole.

Employers and workers demanding maximised comfort from an aesthetically pleasing, durable product designed by a trusted manufacturer with safety at the very core of their designs would benefit from the Alaska.

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