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Orved acquired the company BMB

Orved acquired the company BMB

Orved has the pleasure and the pride to inform you, that it became part of “Italian Excellence” certified companies. This important award, certifies that Orved SpA is exclusive manufacturer of highest quality products, entirely Made in Italy. A special Anti-counterfeiting ID n. 5093, protects Orved Spa brand and all its products as vacuum packing machines, sous-vide cooker thermobath, tray thermosealers, bags and accessories.

In addition, Orved is listed in the “Hall of Excellence” of the Excellence Italian website



Experience, willingness, unquestionable professionalism and strong dynamics make BMB a very popular

and rapidly expanding company that is finding ever increasing support in the food sector and beyond...


What sets us apart is

the fact that we are not only manufacturers and sellers of machines.

We also research solutions that allow your ideas to become reality

 to improve and streamline your production and packaging process.

All our products are

the result of the development of many skills developed in the field,

which, due to extensive design studies and the most modern design technologies allow us to implement advanced,

high quality and technological solutions that at the same time are easy to use and manage.


Our goal is

to provide solutions and for this we are committed to following our creations and our customers closely throughout the product life,

from the initial sales and design phase through the operational phase and never underestimating the final decommissioning of the machine. 
For this we provide a clear internal organization, a complete record of the specifications used and an impeccable after-sales service

guarantee to our customers, providing at any given moment a clear response in case of need.

Upon request the machines can be

equipped with the most modern technologies to allow you to monitor the machine’s status by modem from anywhere in the world

and at any time, or to receive informative messages on the machine’s operational conditions directly on your own telephone.Another service that we provide to our customers is the scheduled maintenance service.
In this way the dates and frequency of maintenance interventions are established in mutual agreement with the customer.

Thus the customer is relieved of thinking about maintenance and unplanned machine downtime

since the machines are regularly monitored directly by the BMB staff.

You can trust our experience

We can offer you complete and functional solutions for your vacuum and modified atmosphere packaging and storage needs

as well as cutting and portioning lines for food products, conveyor systems and product handling and special solutions upon request.

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