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Orved: Work In Progress!

Orved: Work In Progress!

Orved, like the past thirty years, continues consistently to seek the best solutions. Since the beginning, we have worked, and continue working, to become and remain a benchmark, thanks to the use of the best technologies in the market and the continuous modernization of our plant to better meet our customers' requests.

We are pleased to inform you that the modernization process is going ahead quickly, and we have already completed the following:

  • Dismantling of existing shelves in ready pallets warehouse and replacement with new ones
  • White painting on walls and ceiling, as the warehouse will contain only raw materials and ready goods
  • Floor smoothing and resin coating, for easy cleaning according to the latest hygienic regulations
  • New warehouse organization, with easy-to-track shelves
  • Higher storage capacity
  • New retractable fork-lift trucks suitable for intensive storage warehouses, higher weight capacity and much higher storage shelves .
  • Setting of a new loading area to prepare goods ready to deliver
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